Friday, February 15, 2013

Monday January 28th
Go over the Course Outline and Expectations and completed student information sheets.

Tuesday January 29th
Begin the Unit 1 PowerPoint, put 17 vocabulary words in your notebook and watch "Toward Civilization" video with questions.

Wednesday January 30th
Go over vocabulary, Continue with Unit 1 PowerPoint and notes, 

Thursday January 31st
Mr. Joy will be out today, please be kind to the substitute and complete your assignment.
Watch 20 minute video "From Nomads to Farmers", Answer Neo Rev Questions using pages 26-36 in the textbook.  

Friday February 1st
Continue Unit 1 Powerpoint, Discuss answers to Neo Rev Questions, Current Event article(1 Paragraph of Summary and 1 Paragraph of Opinion)

Monday February 4th
Today, we'll finish the Unit 1 Powerpoint and begin to write the Neolithic Revolution Essay.  Please look at the Neolithic Revolution Essay Rubric. Your assignment will be to write an essay that describes how the neolithic revolution led to the development of civilization.  We'll also look at the iceman today.  He is someone who lived during and benefited from the Neo. Rev.

Tuesday February 5th
Go to the library and type our essays into Google docs.  You'll be submitting them to the assignment form on the blog.

Wednesday February 6th
I want to remind you today that we're done with library time to finish essays.  I'll be reading them and giving you feedback starting today.  Please remember to turn them in through the assignment drop box and don't forget to adjust your "share" settings.  In class today we're looking at the 7 traits of civilization, watching parts of a  video called "Guns, Germs and Steel" and getting ready for our Chapter 1 quiz.

Thursday February 7th
Take the Chapter 1 Quiz.
Begin the 7 Traits of Egypt and Mesopotamia chart.  

Friday February 8th
If it's a Blizzard Bag Day please look at that page on the blog.
  Finish the 7 traits of Egypt and Mesopotamia charts and discuss our results.  Complete a current event, summary and opinion.

Monday February 11th
Today we will look over a couple examples of an excellent Neolithic Revolution essay.  We'll ask the question, "What made for an excellent essay?" If we have time, we'll begin the Prince of Egypt.

Tuesday February 12th
Go to the library to put some finishing touches(revisions) on our essays.
 Continue with the Prince of Egypt.  

Wednesday February 13th
Finish the Prince of Egypt and look at King Tut from Egypt and Hammurabi from the Babylonians.  We will also discuss the 7 Traits of Egypt and Mesopotamia.  If time permits, we will be creating venn diagrams to compare and contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Thursday February 14th 
Happy Valentine's Day!
Begin Ancient Civilizations of the Near East Project.

Friday February 15th
Library Research Day in the Plex

Monday February 18th
Library Research Day in the Plex

Tuesday February 19th
Presentations of Projects-No Absences your group depends on you.

Wednesday February 20th 
Review Sheets for Test

Thursday February 21st
Test on Unit 1

Friday February 22nd
World news current events and the news quiz game.

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