Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blizzard Bag February, 7 2017

Good morning and happy blizzard bag day. For starters you need to spend 20 minutes practicing your vocabulary words using Quizlet. Here is the link: Chapter 1 Vocabulary.

Also, If you haven't finished it yet, you need to complete your mapping exercise for homework.

Let's also get prepared for our World Map quiz on Friday. Use this link to practice your continents and oceans. Map Game

Lastly, I want you to watch this Crash Course World History Video on the Agricultural Revolution. This guy talks way too fast and can be a bit annoying so you may need to watch it twice or pause it regularly. You also need to answer these Agricultural Revolution Questions that go along with the video. To type into the document, hit File and Make a Copy. Good luck today, email me or hit the chat button if you need any help, I'll be available all day. "Share" it with me when you're done.

Mr. Joy